Another New 1/48 A-10C comming?!?!

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Another New 1/48 A-10C comming?!?!

Post by keavdog »

Great Wall is working on a new tool A-10C... due maybe next year. ... .html#more

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Re: Another New 1/48 A-10C comming?!?!

Post by Tojo72 »

They do a nice kit,but wish it was a Tamiya
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Re: Another New 1/48 A-10C comming?!?!

Post by Stikpusher »

I'm kinda surprised that Tamiya hasn't retooled their old A-10A into a C...
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Re: Another New 1/48 A-10C comming?!?!

Post by Medicman71 »

Sigh. Looking at the pics, it looks like the intakes aren't the right depth. Can no one get this right? I guess we'll see when it comes out and get some reviews on it.

And I too would LOVE if Tamiya would put out a new tool A-10C.

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